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Why ?

Wirsbo® have long been established as the market leader in underfloor heating systems in the UK and has continued to be the pioneer of modern underfloor heating technology, Wirsbo was the first to produce PEX-pipes commercially.

Wirsbo® was the first manufacturer to gain certification from the British Board of Agrément (87/1799) for their underfloor heating system in 1987 & has been continually amended to the revised national building regulations, water supply regulations and changes in manifold design.

'Wirsbo® pePEX and associated underfloor components will have a minimum life of 60 years.’

British Board of Agrément (87/1799) 14.6

Wirsbo® pePEX pipe also conforms to many international standards and is certified according to IOS 9001 requirements and SS-EN ISO 14001.

Wirsbo® has been involved with 'green' issues, the production of the plastic pipes require only a seventh of the energy requirement needed to produce copper equivalents and if incinerated, the PEX material is non toxic



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